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Revive your skin with our Classic Skincare range:

Pure Cleansing Wash

Delicate Daily Cleanser
Cleansing therapy for pure, calm and smooth skin. The pure cleansing wash has a skin calming effect whilst providing deep pore cleansing and balancing the pH levels of your skin barrier. 

Complete Therapy – SPF 20

Barrier Protecting Moisturizer
Experience the benefits of potent anti-oxidants, combined with the best daytime skin protection and moisturisation. All in one complete skin hydration, anti-wrinkle, skin restructuring and repair.

Refine-Foliant  a ,b, C

Smooth Radiance Exfoliator
An active chemical exfoliant for smooth radiant skin, our unique triple advanced complex is designed to leave your skin looking toned, supple and refined.

Hydra-Derm HA Masque

Cellular Hydrating Replenisher
Reinstate skin moisture with our hydrating Hyaluronic Acid active-complex masque. This masque will actively promote skin plumping, target the signs of aging – tightening and lifting, and conquer skin fatigue.

Eye Effect

Eye Firming Activator
Our multi-targeted complete eye cream provides instant firming, revives dull skin, fights bags under the eye-area and improves skin elasticity for beautiful, bright eyes.

Restore Therapy

Dermal Restoration Moisturizer
For complete dermal vitality, our moisturizer activates a cascade of effects that restores skin density, supports your skin structure, promotes elasticity, activates collagen and replenishes lost moisture.

Clarity Serum

Skin Calming Regulator
Ideal for a clear healthy complexion – providing skin regulation, sebum balance and calming irritated skin. Best used as a treatment for affected zones to soothe blemishes and acne prone skin conditions.

Perfect Skin Balance

Good Healthy Skin
The Classic range is the best skincare to ensure Good Healthy Skin – addressing moisture and skin architecture.
Skin maintenance is crucial to the vitality of your skin – a healthy skin barrier allows for optimal skin function, applying the correct active synergies to your skin will also ensure the correct structural support for your dermal skin cells.
Our 7 unique Classic products focus on the prevention of premature aging, actively refining skin texture and reinstating skin moisture for a clear healthy complexion.
Our pH balanced Classic formulations will maintain your skin health, promoting longevity and refining your skin.
Perfect skin balance. Perfect vitality and skin radiance.

Optiphi’ Skin Rejuvenation Peel

Revitalize your Skin

Skin Rejuvenation Benefits:

 – Target the signs of aging

– Stimulate cellular activity

 – Promote visible rejuvenation

 – Refine skin texture

 – Replenish skin hydration

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